About Hitch/Philosophy

What is Hitch?

Gone are the days of manually tracking online orders, inventory, or invoicing – Hitch is a cloud based integration platform, specializing in connecting online stores to inventory management, CRM and accounting systems.

Throw away those spreadsheets and stop wasting time moving information from one system into another, let Hitch do it for you – and all in real-time.

No maintenance or daily adjustments required. Install it once and you’re good to go.

How Does Hitch Work?

Imagine you are going camping for the weekend and you need to move your camping supplies from home down to the local park.

What would be the best way to move your supplies? You could load up the back of your car and make multiple trips back and forth from home to the park but that would be pretty inefficient (and a waste of your time).

But what if you had a trailer that you could load them into which would allow you to make a single trip?

Think of Hitch as the tool that allows you to connect your trailer to your car and make that single trip.

Is Hitch The Right Solution for Me?

Hitch has been designed to work exclusively with Sage 300 and Sage 100 ERP Systems, the most widely used cloud based small, medium and enterprise level ERP systems on the market, and integrates into the following e-commerce platforms:

  • BicCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Coming Soon – Shopify

If you currently have an online store and an ERP System but they don’t communicate then utilizing Hitch is a good step toward creating an efficient and seamless retail ecosystem.

Have an online store but no ERP, or have an ERP but no online store? We can help with that too. All of our solutions can easily be customized to fit your unique situation.

What is an “ERP” Solution?

An Enterprise Resource Planning Solution, also known as an ERP, is a comprehensive business management solution that brings multiple departments within an organization (such as Accounting, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service) together, all in one place.

Sage 300 and Sage X3 are two examples or world leading ERP systems.

Designed for Ecommerce

Hitch currently integrates with Woocommerce & BigCommerce and we're working to integrate Shopify next.

Synchronize Your Data

Stop wasting time moving information from one system into another, let Hitch do it for you

Advanced Configuration Panel

Framework specific admin panel that allows selection of features without the use of code